Scalable Object-Oriented Sequential Generative Models

Jindong Jiang *, Sepehr Janghorpani *, Gerard De Melo, Sungjin Ahn [* Equal Contribution] 

Arxiv [Under Review]

Statistical Association Mapping of Population-Structured Genetic Data Amir Najafi *Sepehr Janghorbani *Seyed Abolfazl MotahariEmad Fatemizadeh  [* Equal Contribution]

IEEE Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Domain Authoring Assistant for Virtual Intelligent Agents                                                  Sepehr Janghorbani, Ashutosh Modi, Jakob Bauman and Mubbasir Kapadia
AAMAS 2019

Topic Spotting using Hierarchical Networks with Self Attention                                          Pooja Chitkara, Ashutosh Modi, Pravalika Avvaru, Sepehr Janghorbani and Mubbasir Kapadia    NAACL2019